RCS – Recycled Claim Standard Certification

What is RCS?

The Recycled Claim Standard is an international, voluntary standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of transformed input and chain of custody.

RCS Objectives

  • Aligning the definition of “converted” in different applications
  • Traceability and traceability of converted input materials
  • Providing consumers (brands and consumers) with tools to make informed decisions
  • Providing assurance that the materials in the final products are actually converted

The Recycled Claim Standard is a standard used in products containing at least 5% recycled material. All production stages, starting from the recycling process, from the last company to the last seller of the trade, must be certified. Material collection and material concentration facilities are subject to adequacy declaration, document collection and on-site visits.

GCL International’s Accredited Scope for RCS

  • Converted fiber content in textile products